The inner north opens the door to a Kids Under Cover cubby house

Thornbury in Melbourne welcomes a new resident to the neighbourhood – a colourful ‘Playhouse Cubby’ donated as a result of a partnership between the Inner North Community Foundation (the Foundation), Kids Under Cover, Portland House Foundation, Fairhaven Homes and the Aborigines Advancement League.

The cubby will be based at the Aborigines Advancement League and will be offered as a space for children to play and have fun as their parents access services. Julie from Rogan was involved in the decision making process in where to place the cubby, as part of the Rogan Family sub-fund with the Foundation. Sean and Amy-Lou from Stockdale and Devereux also hold a subfund with the Foundation and were proud to support the cubby on the day.

The cubby was launched to local children and families in early June with a great turnout. Guests received a special performance from a group of kindergarten children and a chance to mix with the local community.

The ‘Playhouse Cubby’ by Fairhaven Homes has a unique 3D pyramid wall and is entirely made of Weathertex, which has a zero carbon footprint. This will certainly bring plenty of smiles and enjoyment to families and children in the inner north! It is one of six cubby houses auctioned off earlier this year to raise money for Kids Under Cover, a not-for-profit charity dedicated to reducing youth homelessness.

Since 2007, the Foundation has given over $2.1M to 120 local organisations and the cubby is a great example of how this brings money to life through philanthropy.