IntoWork National Recruitment receives official QLD accreditation for labour hire services

IntoWork National Recruitment has officially been granted a licence from the Queensland government to provide labour hire services. This licence extends across the State and for a variety of industries.

The Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017– effective as of 16 April 2018 – establishes a mandatory licensing scheme to protect workers and support responsible providers. As an officially accredited supplier, we are proud to meet and work within the State’s regulations and high standards to bring peace of mind to both the businesses and labour hire we work with.

Our designation indicates that our operation meets three key factors, as laid out by the Queensland government:

  1. We are fit and proper to provide labour hire services
  2. The business is financially viable
  3. We have a history of, and ability to, comply with relevant laws

We are proud of the work we’ve done so far in the region and look forward to supporting the States’ development through activities such as infrastructure development and the placement of an invigorated, committed workforce. With this licence, we continue to grow our steadfast commitment to Queensland and its job sector.

Read more about the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017.