IntoWork Australia proud to be supporting retrenched workers

Retrenchment in Australia has impacted many industries and skillsets, from manufacturing and telecommunications through to education and healthcare. Often retrenched workers struggle to find jobs in the same industry that use their existing skills or pay comparable wages.

IntoWork Australia have been selected by The Department of Jobs and Small Business to provide ‘Transition Services’ to retrenched workers, those facing retrenchment and employers wishing to partner with an expert. IntoWork Australia is a national leader in specialist recruitment, employment and training, made up of 11 businesses. As part of the Intowork Group, support services will be offered by Work & Training in Tasmania North and North West, by MAS National in Adelaide North and West and by AGA in Melbourne North and West.

IntoWork’s businesses offer local knowledge and experience, helping people successfully complete training and secure employment, making them best placed to support retrenched workers in local communities.

Job Active providers, The Department of Jobs and Small Business and participating employers are currently referring retrenched workers to IntoWork businesses to help identify competencies and skills that could be transferred to other industries and to help with resume preparation, managing an online presence and interview techniques for a variety of roles and industries. AGA, MAS National and Work & Training are looking forward to delivering successful job outcomes for retrenched workers – ultimately securing new sustainable employment.