IntoWork Australia Welcomes Kestrel

IntoWork Australia Group CEO Poul Bottern is pleased to welcome Kestrel to the IntoWork Australia Group of businesses.

I’m pleased to announce that effective from the 1st August 2020, Kestrel will join the IntoWork Australia Group of businesses. This is a significant and exciting connection that positions Kestrel within the expanding IntoWork Australia Group which is the largest employer of apprentices and trainees in Australia, ensuring a more robust, competitive and sustainable business model for the future.

With over 60 years combined experience, Kestrel and IntoWork Australia share the same vision – to be the leading provider of education, training and employment solutions. This joining will create an integrated and efficient organisation, which incorporates the positive aspects of both Kestrel and IntoWork Australia. In particular Kestrel will link closely with AGA which is the largest employer of apprentices in the Victoria, and another key business within the IntoWork Group. The relationship will achieve synergies that create further strength and diversity across our business, providing increased opportunities and benefits for both our clients and staff.

Our organisations share a similar values-based service delivery model, with a focus on individuals and local communities. We both aspire to excellence in workforce participation and focus on ensuring our staff are valued, trained and directed to achieve established outcomes, within a caring, professional workplace framework. We both strive to achieve a balanced approach to work success with an understanding of personal needs and life goals.

Current Kestrel CEO, Paul Ingwersen will continue to lead Kestrel and we’ll work together toward integrating Kestrel and its staff as valued members of the IntoWork Group. This will further bolster the IntoWork Group as a whole whilst ensuring optimal service delivery at the most efficient level for both Kestrel and IntoWork Australia. We will work closely with staff during this time of change to keep you informed and to respond to questions and concerns as quickly as we can. Under the new structure, we will continue to include our five core values in all aspects of our roles: Collaboration, Courage, Innovation, Integrity and Respect. This connection is a very positive move for both Kestrel and IntoWork Australia. It is one that has been created by inspiration and demonstrates the strength of two forward thinking organisations joining in an ever changing landscape of vocational education and training to ensure our collective sustainability into the future.

I look forward to a positive outcome for both companies, working closely with the Board, management and staff of Kestrel and in particular with Paul, in what will surely be a very exciting time ahead.

Please join me in welcoming Kestrel to our growing family of dynamic businesses.

Warm regards,
Poul Bottern, Group CEO – IntoWork Australia