TRAILS program to deliver youth activities across South Australia

Mas National, proudly part of the IntoWork Group, is joining forces with Lighthouse Youth Projects to empower youth at risk of contact with the juvenile justice system. In a win for young people and their communities, Mas will deliver the Teamwork Respect Attitude Independence Life Skills (TRAILS) program across Adelaide. Over two years, TRAILS will work with 144 young South Australians to reduce their risk of offending, develop their life skills, and help them into sustainable employment.

Lighthouse Youth Projects’ team of highly skilled BMX bike riders and youth mentors will take each group of participants on a journey of personal change over 12 weeks. Each session, the group begin by building bike trails, caring for parkland, and maintaining bikes. Later on in the day, they get on the bikes and ride the trails they’ve built, learning tricks from some of the State’s best riders. The lesson is a simple but powerful one: put in the work first and reap the rewards later.

Along the way, Mas’ facilitators will work with participants to develop their life skills and employability through a range of hands-on lessons, mentoring, training and work exposure. Participants will take part in outdoor and on-site learning focused on careers in trades, with added industry taster activities in a range of sectors to highlight exciting alternative pathways.

Participants will also achieve a White Card, get their own PPE and be assisted into work exposure opportunities with a range of employers. Mas’ dedicated team of qualified Career Development Consultants will work with them to identify their goals, follow a career plan and utilise Mas’ extensive network of employers to then secure sustainable employment. A team of counsellors will continue to assist them beyond the program’s conclusion to ensure they feel supported.

“This program empowers each of the participants to have a direct hand in shaping their own future,” says IntoWork Group CEO Poul Bottern. “Through Mas, IntoWork hands them the tools in the form of guidance and providing them access to our work and training pathways.”

The program is being delivered by Mas Transition, a team of experienced experts in education and behavioural change bringing experience and evidence-based methods to TRAILS. Mas CEO John Glass notes, “with TRAILS, we have a community-driven program that is evidence-based and genuinely engaging. Each individual will have the chance to put in the work and reap the rewards.”