Founded in 1985, MRAEL empowers people and businesses to realise their potential through high quality education, training, employment and support. 

Working through Australian Trade College North Brisbane, Australian Trade Training College, Capricornia Training Company (CTC), Hospitality Training Network (HTN) and DGT Employment and Training – MRAEL has an extensive footprint across Queensland and New South Wales. 

Operating as a Group Training Organisation (GTO), Registered Training Organisation (RTO), senior vocational school and Youth Housing and Reintegration Service (YHARS) provider MRAEL also delivers Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) services in Queensland (as part of the Mas Experience) and isa delivery partner with IntoJobs for Workforce Australia employment services.

MRAEL is part of the IntoWork Group.

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Australian Trade College North Brisbane 

Founded in 2007, Australian Trade College North Brisbane is a co-educational Year 11 and Year 12 independent trade training centre. 

The college has a unique approach which sets it apart from other trade schools –integrating Queensland’s Certificate of Education, inclusive of the QCE curriculum with trade training and apprenticeship services. Offering this on the one campus at Scarborough, students are provided with the ultimate launching pad for their careers.

The school works closely with our related businesses, including MRAEL. Utilising their Group Training Organisation (GTO), Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and delivery of Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) services, student receive a platform from they can transition into school-based apprenticeship and traineeship pathways or into full-time employment upon graduation. 

Australian Trade College North Brisbane prides themselves on innovation in the education sector and focus on addressing skilled labour shortages through education programs, supporting the needs of industries and employers. 

Australian Trade College North Brisbane is part of MRAEL, which sits within the IntoWork Group.

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Australian Trade Training College

Founded in 2006, Australian Trade Training College Ltd (RTO 31399) is a not-for-profit Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with significant experience in the delivery of quality training and assessment services.

The college specialises in the delivery of training and assessment for traditional trade areas, spanning from Certificate I through to Diploma-level qualifications. 

Australian Trade Training College is a leader in providing industry-driven training to learners, supported by ongoing engagement and liaison with industry partners and employers.

Australian Trade Training College is part of MRAEL, which sits within the IntoWork Group.

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Solution to Tasmania’s Aged Care worker shortage

In a bid to help Tasmania’s critical healthcare worker shortage, a new program in Northern Tasmania and Launceston will help upskill migrants into Aged Care. Aged Care Head Start, delivered by Work & Training (Part of the IntoWork Group) in partnership with Migrant Resource Centre North, is a 12-week program designed to directly support the […]

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GTO celebrates three years as a Certified Social Trader

AGA, part of the IntoWork Group, has kept its position as an innovative and effective Group Training Organisation (GTO) by achieving three years as a registered social enterprise, certified by Social Traders. Social Traders offer Australia’s only social enterprise certification and aim to create a more inclusive and equitable Australia through three key pillars: supporting […]

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Collaborative pre-employment programs to address skills shortage in regional towns

A pre-employment program aimed at addressing the skills shortage in the aged care sector is proving to be a success in a regional South Australian town. Like most areas of Australia, Berri was suffering from a shortage of workers, and with a lack of local on the ground training courses available, the solution wasn’t clear. […]

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