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As a Workforce Australia Services provider, we’re funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) to equip job seekers with the knowledge and tools to gain meaningful work, learn new skills or access support. 

We also help businesses to find the right staff to meet their workforce needs.

Our programs include: 

Workforce Australia Employment Services offers tailored support to long-term unemployed individuals to help break down employment barriers and enter sustained, meaningful work.  

Transition to Work (TtW) helps young people aged 15-24 into work or education. The program includes pre-employment support to develop practical skills, find local job opportunities and connect with education, training and relevant community services.

Career Transition Assistance (CTA) is tailored towards individuals aged 45 and over looking to re-enter the workforce or transition careers. We focus on building participants’ skills and confidence to become more competitive in their local labour market. 

Self-Employment Assistance supports current and aspiring business owners in creating a viable small business. The program offers a range of free, flexible services to suit participants’ individual needs, delivered by small business experts. To learn more about the many benefits of our Workforce Australia programs, contact us today.  


IntoJobs delivers Workforce Australia Employment Services, Self-Employment Assistance and Career Transition Assistance programs in regions in NSW, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia. The programs are provided locally by IntoJobs delivery partners, AGA, Mas, MRAEL and GTNT Group.


AGA delivers IntoJobs Workforce Australia Self-Employment Assistance in Gippsland,Victoria.


Mas National delivers IntoJobs Workforce Australia Employment Services, Career Transition Assistance, Self-Employment Assistance within Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland.


MRAEL delivers IntoJobs Workforce Australia Employment Services and Self-Employment Assistance within Queensland.


Group Training Northern Territory (GTNT) delivers IntoJobs Workforce Australia Employment Services in the Northern Territory.

AGA delivers Workforce Australia’s Transition to Work program in North East Melbourne.

Skill Hire delivers Workforce Australia’s Transition to Work and Career Transition Assistance programs in regions in Western Australia.

Workforce Australi
Self-Employment Assistance
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I got the job!

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