Apprentice Employment Organisation (previously GTO)

From building your future to delivering workforce employment solutions

If you’re considering an Apprenticeship or Traineeship, or if you’re a business looking to hire one, we’re here to help. 

With six dedicated Group Training Organisations (GTOs) specialising in apprentice and trainee employment, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for with us.

Benefits for apprentices and trainees:

  • Obtain a Nationally Recognised Qualification in your chosen career
  • Earn a wage while you gain valuable skills and on-the-job experience
  • Receive expert training from skilled tradespeople at the top of their game
  • Enjoy job security throughout the duration of your Apprenticeship or Traineeship
  • Receive specialised coaching, mentoring and wellbeing support throughout training and beyond
  • Benefit from excellent job prospects upon completion of your Apprenticeship or Traineeship

Benefits for employers:

  • Access cost-effective employment solutions tailored to your business needs
  • Choose from short- or long-term apprentices or trainees
  • We handle all recruitment, employment, salary, training and induction requirements
  • Customised training to suit the needs of your business
  • receive ongoing support and mentoring for both you and your apprentice or trainee 
  • If your business needs change, we’ll find an alternative placement for the apprentice or trainee
  • Enjoy more time to focus on running and growing your business 


Flexible and cost-effective in-house Apprentice Management Program

Our Apprenticeship Management Program is the ideal solution for employers who prefer to manage their apprentices and trainees in-house but would like access to help if they need it. You can use this service during busy periods or when your administrative staff are on leave.

This program is a cost-effective and stress-free way to make sure your apprentices and trainees are always looked after.

The key benefits:

Flexibility – Choose the services you need from us and leave out those you don’t. We can facilitate recruitment, selection, retention, performance, training and apprentice and trainee wellbeing.

Financial benefits – As the legal employer of your apprentices and trainees, you accept ownership of all legal responsibilities such as recruitment and payroll, and you also receive any requisite government financial incentives.

Support when you need it – Access best practice apprentice and trainee management strategies, and receive ongoing support and assistance from us.

No contracts – There are no contracts or obligations to us, and you can use the AMP service for as long as you need and cancel with one month’s notice.

Peace of mind – By using our Apprentice Management Program, we’ll be there to support your organisation every step of the way.


To find out more, contact one of our GTO’s:


AGA is a not-for-profit Group Training Organisation that services Victoria and South Australia.


HTN is a Kestrel is a not-for-profit Group Training Organisation that specialises in hospitality, food services and tourism businesses and operates in New South Wales and ACT.

Kestrel is a not-for-profit Group Training Organisation that services regional North East Victoria and Southern New South Wales.

MRAEL is a not-for-profit Group Training Organisation that services Queensland.

Skill Hire is a not-for-profit Group Training Organisation that services Western Australia.

Work & Training is a not-for-profit Group Training Organisation that services Tasmania.

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Community Support

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AGA supports apprentices and trainees through their Group Training Organisation (GTO), specialist mentoring and support programs, and pre-apprenticeship skills courses.
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CTC provides employment and recruitment services within Queensland. TC excels at formulating a unique talent strategy to move businesses forward.
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DGT Employment & Training delivers Apprenticeship Services, Training Services, and Recruitment Services in South East Queensland.
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FindStaff provides employment solutions across blue, pink and white collar industries.
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HTN operates as an apprenticeship employment organisation providing apprentices and trainees for the tourism, hospitality and food service industries.
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Founded in 2013, Hunter Executive has sourced stand-out candidates for Australia’s most respected companies.
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Interact Australia is a values based not-for-profit organisation, inspiring action and change for people with disabilities in the community since 1991.
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IntoJobs core belief is that there is ‘a job for everyone’. Leveraging the collective experience of the Intowork Group of Businesses, IntoJobs delivers employment and career transition services.
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