Youth at Risk Programs

An Innovative Approach to Youth Engagement

We’ve designed and deliver several programs aimed at supporting young people who are at risk of becoming marginalised. These free programs are run by passionate teams who work with individuals to overcome barriers and help them re-engage with their community, re-enter schooling, or find and keep jobs. All of our programs have four key themes — skills development, mentorship and support, access to employment and training opportunities, and community support.

Some of the great programs we offer young people are:

Youth Housing and Reintegration Service (YHARS)

This program supports people aged 12 to 21 years old living in Rockhampton and central Queensland who are unhoused or at risk of becoming unhoused. This confidential program offers support on a range of key life domains to help the individual build a positive lifestyle in their community.

Workforce Australia’s Transition to Work

This program helps individuals aged 15 to 24 develop practical skills for employment. Through mentoring, participants will gain the skills needed to find suitable jobs, connect with local education, support services and access real-world work experience opportunities in their area. Funded by the Australian Government’s Safer Communities Fund, this program is available in North East Melbourne, plus Albany and Northam in WA.

TRAILS (Teamwork, Respect, Attitude, Independence, Life, Skills)

A program for at-risk 16 to 24-year-olds in Adelaide. Funded by the Australian Government’s Safer Communities Fund and Led by Lighthouse Youth Projects, participants engage in trail construction, bike riding and parkland maintenance. Mentors challenge negative behaviours and develop respect, resilience, and goals. Mas’ facilitators enhance life skills and employability through hands-on lessons, mentoring, training, and work exposure, leading to employment and training outcomes.

Flip My Ride

Marginalised individuals aged 12 to 24 living in Melbourne are provided hands-on experience in car restoration. Funded by the Australian Government’s Safer Communities Fund, participants learn various aspects of mechanics, including inspections and servicing, and go on automotive-based visits. They also receive guidance from a detailing and polishing expert to enhance their skills in making cars shine. The final product is auctioned, with the proceeds donated to a local charity or support group chosen by the participants, promoting positive community engagement. 


Funded by the Australian Government’s Safer Communities Fund, this program engages young individuals aged 12-21 in the Rockhampton and Livingston areas who are either unhoused or at risk of homelessness, in a hands-on experience restoring mountain bike trails. CTC delivers this on behalf of MRAEL.


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Since 2014, CTC Shaping Futures has funded the Youth Housing and Reintegration Service (YHARS) programme, which has helped approximately 2,500 young people in Rockhampton. CTC also delivers the CYCLE program on behalf of MRAEL in the Rockhapton and Livingston areas.

AGA supports Youth at Risk in Melbourne with the Flip My Ride program and Workforce Australia’s Transition to Work Program.

Mas offers TRAILS (Teamwork, Respect, Attitude, Independence, Life, Skills) in Adelaide.

Skill Hire delivers Workforce Australia’s Transition to Work Program in Albany and Northam in WA.

MRAEL offers the CYCLE program which is delivered by CTC in the Rockhapton and Livingston areas.


AGA Flip My Ride
Transition to Work

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