New app takes proactive approach to keeping apprentices in training

In a bid to support young apprentices to stay in their roles, a new app has been developed to provide tailored, holistic support at the touch of a button.

With one in two Apprentices leaving the sector before completing their Australian Apprenticeship1, the MasConnects App, delivered by Mas National* is specifically designed to address key concerns faced by young tradespeople across various industries.

The app caters to the individualistic needs of apprentices, and provides valuable resources such as mentoring, industry-specific training videos, and mental health services to keep them engaged and equipped with the necessary tools for suc-cess.

As an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider, Mas has provided support to thousands of apprentices through-out Australia, and understands the importance of ensuring they remain engaged and motivated throughout their training.

The app incorporates gamification, allowing apprentices to track their progress through milestones, levels, mood meters, news feeds, and rewards. This interactive approach provides a sense of accomplishment throughout their journey.

In addition, MasConnects serves as a seamless communication platform, enabling apprentices to ask questions, seek guid-ance, and access practical tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Through the app, apprentices have round-the-clock support and can communicate directly and in real-time with qualified mentors.

Mas National Learning and Development Manager Rebecca Kennedy and Fareen Khan oversaw the app design and devel-opment, “Our main driver was finding ways to communicate with people in the manner they prefer. Through our work with young apprentices, we found traditional methods like phone calls and face-to-face meetings didn’t fully engage our cohort who are more comfortable using apps to communicate,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca believes the app is the missing link in connecting dedicated mentors with apprentices who need extra support, “By prioritising the individual journey of each apprentice and making it easily accessible, this initiative aims to alleviate the pres-sures associated with the transition from school to employment.”

Mas National CEO John Glass said the app will not only engage more apprentices and enhance their experience in the workplace but will help with the overall skills shortage, “Now more than ever, it is crucial to provide unwavering support to apprentices. With completion rates needing to improve, our MasConnects App enhances this support by providing extra re-sources and guidance they need to ensure their success in the industry. Apprenticeships are not just about skills develop-ment; they are about shaping the future workforce and empowering individuals to reach their full potentials,” he said.

The successful launch of the MasConnects app has paved the way for the development of the new MasConnects WIT app, which was designed as a safe space for women interested in trades,

You can find out more about the MasConnects app for apprentices, here

*Mas National is part of the IntoWork Group


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